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The band was founded in 1995, an idea springing from Black and Mauro, former members of the Thrash band DARKSPIRITS. They consequently enlisted former DARKSPIRITS's drummer Filippo and Franz at keyboards and with these new comes the line-up was complete for the composing of their first material. The year after, they decided that in order to have a savage and heavy live sound a second guitar was necessary and for this role they chose Davy, who had been playing 3 years before with black and Mauro in a band called REDIVIVIS).

Some months later (February 1997), they recorded their first demo-tape "De Terrificationibus Nocturnis" , which sold 500 copies. As a matter of fact, their songs were getting more and more direct and elaborated with respect to "De Terrificationibus Nocturnis". As they alternated live gigs in the whole region to the writing of new songs, they arrived at the Fly Records Studios on Easter 1998. here, they recorded "The Beginning", which received positive reviews so as to sell about 1. 000 copies. Notwithstanding this, they did not succeed in catching the majors' attention, due to their particular genre.

This genre can be defined as a sort of Black Metal moving towards all other metal nuances such as: Doom, Death, Thrash and Heavy with much suffering and agonising lyrics. That is: AGONY METAL On October 1998, Mauro left the band due to musical discrepancies with Davy. With the loss of one of the founders, the band received a heavy blow. Mauro was immediately replaced by Jack, a valid guitarist with whom Harmony Dies immediately composed other songs and performed other live gigs. However, something important had been broken September 1999, Franz, too, left the band and the musical scene in order to devote to his studies. The 4 members line-up (Black, Filippo, Davy and Jack) went on for some months until Black decided to go on with this project on his own, in order to keep faithful to Harmony dies' style. Now, he plays keyboards, bass, drums and vocals and is helped by Rob (former DARKSPIRITS member) for all guitar parts. With Rob's help, Black recorded on Summer 2000 (at his own studios) "Tristesse et Autres Drogues", a record which collects songs composed before Franz' leaving, too. One major label had been interested in Harmony Dies, but for several reasons they did not reach an agreement. All this led to Black's necessity of creating the Pyramid Record, an underground label that produce the three Black's groups: HARMONY DIES,PESTEN and LUX ETERNAE. In 2002 Maelstrom and Whisper join HARMONY DIES as drummer and keyboarder, restyled the name in AND HARMONY DIES the band have play various gigs around Italy. 2003: after many requests about first Harmony Dies demos, all songs of: De Terrificationibus Nocturnis & The Beginning has been re-recorded in a single cd named: TrtinitY, available on 2005, then Maelstrom left the band.

In 2006 the new album Flames Everywhere will born with 12 new songs and at war with Satan (Venom) cover, published by My kingdom music/Pyramid Inc. In 2008 song "Faith in chaos" has been recorded for My kingdom music compilation. In 2014 Requiem large Ep has been recorded, it contains previous unreleased tracks and "Sometimes" that will be included in forthcoming album TOTENAMT published in spring 2016 by Sliptrick rec. and Pyramid Inc.In february 2016 Rob left the band. September 2016, Yog join the band as new guitarist. In November 2016 a promotional video has been drawn by artist Bermarte for "Birthday", first single taken from TotenamT, available here. After twelve years in december 2016, a phisical drummer has been engaged. His name is Ghisguth.